Guitar-driven music has become commonplace in the majority of modern songwriting. Guitarists are given an infinite amount of options when it comes to choosing the ingredients for their own tonal cocktails, but often lack the opportunity to own and audition all of the offerings available in the gear market. On the other hand, many guitar players are tone-chasers, and have a tonal quest that they have yet to find the answer to.

The Tomato Farm Studio has a world-class collection of industry standard as well as boutique custom-built guitar amplifiers and cabinets that cover all of the bases from crunchy, juicy, British-voiced beasts, to ultra-modern fire-breathing monsters. Our available amplifier arsenal will deliver in spades for any project that requires a memorable and inspiring guitar tone.

Guitar Amplifiers:

  • Baron Custom Amps B120
  • Marshall JCM800 2203
  • Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier
  • Orange Rockerverb 100 MK II
  • Peavey 6505
  • Randall RD50
  • Vox AC15C1X

Guitar Cabinets:

  • Bogner 412 (Celestion Vintage 30)
  • Marshall 412 (Celestion Greenback)
  • Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 412 (Celestion Vintage 30)

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